Proud Canadian Company
At Micron Precision we prefer to let our products and service do the talking. You will see from the very first order you receive; that the people at Micron Precision can be proud of what they do.  
You won’t find the Owner sitting in a fancy corner offices checking the stock market, if you want to find him, you will have to put on your safety glasses and boots, and venture onto the shop floor.  

Michel Laporte is a first class machinists who works side by side with is team of professionals, doing what they do best, making quality parts to make your ideas a reality.

Got a tricky part to make give, us a call, we love a good challenge.
We work in partnerships with several customers to assist their engineers and designers in creating parts that are manufactureable. By having this upfront involvement we are able to identify potential manufacturing problems and make suggestions to remove or improve them thereby saving unnecessary manufacturing expenses at a later date.  
Since our opening in 1994 we have made parts from the size of a needle to an access door for an armored personnel carrier, we have worked in Telecommunications, Medical implants, Military, Space and Aerospace to name just a few

We are ISO 9001:2000 accredited and we are registered with the Controlled Goods Directorate of Canada.  

Tel: 613-737-6444 
Fax: 613-737-3898