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At Micron Precision we also offer complete to print services, this means we will take care of all the finishing requirements for your parts. Using qualified suppliers we can look after, Passivation, Plating i.e. Cadmium, Zinc and Gold, Anodizing and Painting all of this completed to your specific instructions and specifications. This service saves the customer time and expense because now when the parts reach your dock they are complete and ready for use, not merely machined and ready to go out again to yet another supplier where they may get damaged or delayed.  
As a customer with a new product to build and deadlines to meet, you need to get your prototypes fast, one way to achieve this is to go to one of the many “Rapid” prototype shops that will give you an expensive paper or plastic model that probably meets most of your drawing, as long as you don’t need any threads or tight tolerances. At Micron Precision we will give you a Rapid prototype of a different kind; we can assign a programmer and machinist to work on your prototype. This means you get a finished “useable” component fast, with all tolerances met, all threads complete and surfaces finished if required. All we ask of you is to have a dedicated person at your end that can answer any questions we may have fast.  


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